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Striving to make the world better is a good thing.


If you are offended by the problematic things Will has blogged about, that’s totally understandable.

If you use the words misogyny and transphobic because these things matter to you, that’s important.

If you speak out about Darren’s racism and sexism and classism, that’s important too.

But if you call Will out, and then your response to hearing that your favorite is problematic too, is to call the person raising that point a “hater,” you’re a liar. You don’t actually care about kindness or social justice or equality.

And if you call Will out on his problematic words, but then you use that old crisscolfer hate trope about him following Chris around like a dog, then you clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about his value as a human being, or anyone else’s.

Don’t just use “misogynist” and “transphobic” like words from a script. Look deeper. Think about what you’re actually saying.

Be honest: you have your favorite, and you hate the other guy, and that’s what you are really all about.

Yeah Will has written some very bad things. You know what he also wrote on his public blog?

"…I would implore everyone with a Twitter account, Facebook profile, or blog to think twice before posting anything. Use these tools to put good back into the world. Whether you’re a liberal hippie or a conservative Christian, we should all agree that spreading love and respect for one another’s humanity is a righteous, moral thing to do. Do it."


I don’t hate Darren and I don’t hate Will. I think they are good people who are imperfect. None of us is perfect.

But even if Will were a monster, which I don’t believe he is, Chris chose him, and all the name calling in the world is not going to make Chris love Darren instead.

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I could never rap, personally. I can’t even wrap presents.

I could never rap, personally. I can’t even wrap presents.

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Aww this is sweet

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'Glee's' Chris Colfer to star in Noel Coward biopic

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Let’s replace the paper bag…



as requested by @gleekyginger x




Anyone still want to make the one of Kurt smacking Blaine’s ass? Or the one of the FOX TV logo? :P

I invite you to reblog this with your own gifs of Kurt hitting things we dislike.

From this point on, let this be known as “The Paper Bag Project!” XD

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"Fucking glee…"

-said every glee fan at one point or another

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Anonymous: come on Chris is paying his "over want power on glee" he'll stay but his status in glee will diminish (he 'll stay regular but with lesser SL, at least in his ep he was honnest aknowledging BG....) and you know what will prove that ? I bet you a conclusion on klaine ep20 : a klaine LDR who sweet the previous BU to separate both actors but fans are not stupides....




Does someone wants to answer my anon? 

I can’t answer when I have no idea what the anon said


I’m usually really good at translating, and I can even give allowances for English being a second language, but dear lord…I can’t even make sense of the acronyms.

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chris is already making the 8 month hiatus his bitch

that’s how you do it